The Best Deals on Water Filters in Sydney

Water Coolers

Our selection of water coolers designed for offices and commercial settings are both compact and well-engineered, ensuring dependable performance. Countless offices across NSW are currently enjoying the refreshing cold water our units deliver.

Australian-Made and Easy to Install

Rest assured of the superior quality of our products, as each water cooling unit is proudly Australian-made. This guarantees the longevity and reliability of your office water cooler for years to come.

Furthermore, our water cooling units are incredibly easy to install, ensuring minimal disruption and virtually no waiting time. Your entire staff can start using it right away, staying hydrated throughout the day.

Reduce the Use of Plastic and Help the Environment

Countless offices are currently benefiting from Premium Water Filters’ top-notch water coolers. Besides having access to a dependable supply of cold and pure water, they also take pride in their eco-conscious choice.

By utilizing our dependable and highly effective water cooling units, you and your staff can bid farewell to the need for daily plastic water bottle purchases at the office. This sustainable choice not only results in significant cost savings in the long term but also contributes to environmental conservation by reducing daily plastic consumption for years to come.

Self-Fill Enviro Water Cooler

Beyond the cold water they provide, you can trust that the water coolers ensure a clean, chlorine-free, and pleasant-tasting drinking experience.

Our water coolers are a breeze to install and integrate into your existing water system.

Direct Connect Enviro Water Cooler

Across various regions, including Sydney and Melbourne, this water cooling unit is a top choice among offices. It boasts easy setup and seamless integration with our 3-Stage Water Filter System, ensuring clean and pure water for your enjoyment of refreshing cold beverages.

Direct Connect Hot & Cold Enviro Water Cooler

This stylish water cooling unit not only adds sophistication to your office but also delivers consistent access to hot and cold water for your entire staff. Say goodbye to kettles and enjoy the convenience of readily available hot water for your coffee and more.