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Under Sink Water Filters

At Premium Water Filters, we have the ideal under sink water filter to meet your specific requirements. Choose from our impressive range of systems, each meticulously designed to fit seamlessly under your sink, ensuring there’s still ample storage space for other items in your cupboard.

Every one of our under sink water filters includes a complimentary designer tap. This allows you to use the filtered water for drinking and cooking, while retaining regular tap water for tasks like washing your hands. Moreover, you can trust that the new tap and pipe installation is pristine, ensuring that your filtered water remains perfectly pure from the filter to your glass.

We’ve Got the Perfect
Under Sink Water Filter for You

H2O is the only thing remaining

Our under sink water filters offer a variety of reasons to choose one over another, but all of them excel at removing undesirable elements and organisms from your water. Regardless of the specific filter you select, rest assured that they are all proficient at eliminating chlorine, algae, aluminum, lead, iron, E-Coli, parasites, dirt, rust, mercury, ammonia, asbestos, and much more.

No matter which under sink water filter you opt for, it will play a crucial role in safeguarding you from harmful chemicals. Our 5-stage reverse osmosis system, in particular, stands out as it can even remove the tiniest substances, including fluoride.

If you’re still deciding which under sink water filter is the best fit for your home or office, we’ve provided descriptions for each below. Additionally, our friendly and experienced team is always ready to assist, and you can reach out to one of us by calling the number above.